The A-Z List of Quarantining: Staying Sane in Isolation

Isolation. Boredom. Frustration. The same routine, day-in, day-out. Over the past few weeks, I've learned that quarantine doesn't have to feel this way. To keep myself sane, I've been doing a lot of new things that I always made excuses for before, but I'm also taking my relaxation very seriously. Over the past few weeks, I've found things that have worked and things that have not worked during this quarantine period. Here's my quarantine tips list!

Art: "If you think artists are useless, try to spend your quarantine without music, books, poems, movies, and paintings" -Stephen King. Art is essential. Art is in everything we do, to the music we listen to while studying, the clothes that we wear every day, and the TV shows that we binge on Netflix all day.

Bed: Being in bed is a great feeling, but can also be very demotivating. When we are at home, it can be challenging for us to stay motivated and inspired; we're in our PJs, our bed is 10 feet away from us all day, and there's no routine. One great way to stay productive is to work away from your bed and get dressed in the morning as if you were going out.

Cooking: Making meals (or desserts)- no matter how big or small- can be extremely therapeutic and even cathartic. Try a new recipe, pick up that spatula for the first time, or even watch some cooking videos. This method may not be everyone's cup of tea (pun intended), but it's worth a shot to try something new in your free time.

Distance: Social distancing is imperative. For hospitals to not exceed their carrying capacity, we must all do our part to help slow down the spread. Please stay safe- other people's lives are in our hands.

Education: Who doesn't want to keep improving themselves? We've got all this free time on our hands, and so much to learn! Try learning an instrument, taking online coding classes, or even learning a new language.

Family: For some of us, our family is our best friend. For others, we may have more of a love-hate relationship with our family. Whatever the situation you are in, our family is essential. For most of us, they are the only people that we see during this isolation period. Creating a pleasant home environment is key to staying happy and sane during isolation.

Gym: Even though gyms are closed, we can still have fun ways to exercise and stay healthy. There are tons of guided workout videos on YouTube that you can watch and have fun. The advantage of home workouts is that you are alone and in the convenience of your own home! If you were shy at the gym or the gym was far away from you, this is a great time to start.

House: Yes, it is crucial to stay in the house and social distance. But, Vitamin D and exercise are two of the most important things for us. Small steps like running around the neighborhood, sitting outside, walking the dogs, or going for a swim in your backyard can be very uplifting and acceptable during this isolation period.

Imagination: We're all stuck in our houses for the next few months. This is a time where creativity and imagination can be very helpful. If you're stuck in the same boring routine, imagine new ways to keep yourself entertained. How about a homemade spa day or haircut?

Jokes: Humor has been one of the biggest things keeping me happy. Sometimes, a good comedy TV show, movie, or funny Facetime call with a friend can inspire happiness.

Karaoke: This one, in particular, is not everyone's forte, but it's helped me tremendously. It's an excellent time-passer and a good source of entertainment.

Live: Even though the world seems to have come to a stand-still, it is vital to continue living our lives to the fullest!

Motivation: Being stuck at home can be damaging to our motivation, but there are a lot of things that have helped me stay motivated. I've tried to channel my energy into productivity. Try working on that thing you paused for so long, like doing your nails or exercising.

Nature: Sometimes, a breath of fresh air can be completely rejuvenating.

Optimistic: Having an optimistic mindset on the situation can help a lot. I know we're all in a terrible situation right now, but try to find the ways that you can also be happy throughout all of this. For me, I can devote more time to work on improving myself and learning more.

Passion: If you have a passion for something that you haven't had the chance to pursue before, now may be a good time to do so. You are doing this in the comfort of your own home, judgment-free. Why not chase your dreams?

Quiet: If you're in isolation with others around you, you're probably going to have to be around them all day. Sometimes some peace and quiet can ground you and make you feel better.

Relax: While improving yourself, exercising, and learning are all great, relaxation is essential. Balance is key. Overworking yourself can lead to more stress. Relaxing now and then will help you reset and do what you love.

Socialize: Even though we are in isolation, socializing is still possible thanks to the internet! I've spent a lot of time connecting with friends through video calling, texting, and social media. This has helped me feel connected and happy. Don't forget to connect with others during this time.

Thankful: I am safe, healthy, and surrounded by loved ones. It grounds me to reflect and acknowledge what I have and be thankful.

Utilize: We have so many hours during the day and so much free time. Utilizing time well and keeping on schedule could be very helpful. I know that a schedule has helped me tremendously.

Value: What are the things that bring value to you? Focusing on value-creation is a great way to stay productive and do what makes you happy.

Well-Being: Staying at home is an excellent opportunity for us to focus on self-care. For me, when I was at college, there were so many distractions around me, like parties, deadlines, staying up late. Now, I am working to live a lifestyle to care more for myself.

Xenophobia: I have seen a lot of xenophobia on the news lately against Asian people, and it is unacceptable. As an Asian-American rights advocate, I have been focusing my time to speak out against xenophobia in different ways. Speak out against violence and crime and do not be an inactive bystander!

You: In isolation, there's a lot of time to focus on you. Do what makes you happy.

Zoom: Two words: Zoom parties!

… And this concludes my alphabetical quarantine list! Hopefully, this helped you, and I hope you enjoyed this article!

Article by Thy Nguyen

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