Stuck at Home Doesn’t Have to Mean Stuck on the Couch

As people continue to find themselves at home because of COVID-19, finding ways to stay active may be intimidating and stressful, but it is important to understand getting moving is easier than you may have ever thought before.

With Coronavirus cases continuing to rise in states across the country and lockdowns still going strong, many people are trying to do their best to keep things as normal as possible. With the message, “Stay Home!” still being relentlessly pressed upon people in Massachusetts, the home of Babson College, and upon people around the country, making sure to stay updated on emails and the most popular TV shows, completing work for numerous online classes, and repeatedly refreshing social media feeds remain steady at the top of To-Do lists.

Almost a month after being sent home from campus, Babson students are looking at their last few weeks of classes, social media feeds are looking unoriginal and repetitive, and Netflix shows are quickly becoming scarce. For those looking to spice up the same daily routine, the perfect way to be productive is utilizing at-home workouts.

One hour, twenty minutes, or even ten minutes can set the foundation for a great day in quarantine. This can be in the morning after your 11:30 am accounting class, or after dinner at night. With so much time at home, the choice is yours. For a lot of people, the hectic and crazy weeks at Babson don’t allow much time for a great workout at BRAC, but now is the time to set good goals and stick to them. Establishing a workout routine can help to energize the body when stuck at home every day. Making sure to utilize physical activity and health will help to keep mental health and mood as elevated as possible during such a stressful time.

The Center for Disease Control, an organization heard very often in our lives now, recommends 150 minutes of exercise for adults per week. Keeping the body active and healthy in all aspects is as important as ever with a deadly virus circulating as quickly as we are seeing. Okay, enough about why it’s important to stay active during this time. Here are a bunch of ways to stay active in your house.

The most recent studies conducted by BroadBandSearch, a service that compares internet usage by area, conducted that the average college student spends 144 minutes per day on social networking sites, a 62.5 percent increase from the last study. With this amount of time increasing naturally due to Coronavirus, utilizing social media for your at-home workouts can be a way to incorporate activity without going too far out of our comfort zones. Between the familiar faces and encouraging personalities, social media can provide the boost you need to “Just do it”. With influencers around the world pitching in to post workouts that can be done in the comfort of your room with nothing but your body, it has never been easier to follow along and stay active. Outside of these networks, platforms such as Peloton and Nike Training Club are offering free online workout classes because of COVID-19, services that usually are quite costly.

Do you have a staircase? A kitchen table? A driveway? All of these basic household fixtures can be used to take your workouts to the next level. Look around and get creative and you may just be able to find your new favorite piece of exercise equipment. A T-shirt and two gallons of water can be all you need for a workout including bicep curls, squats, and shoulder presses and raises. That staircase of yours that is used every day to go into the basement for Netflix can be used for jumps, single-leg step-ups, and even just a couple sets of stairs to get the heart rate going. In a time that can lead to some dull days and lots of the same, getting creative with ways to exercise and use the body can be an encouraging and much-needed change.

It can absolutely still seem daunting. Worrying about trying to make equipment and break a sweat simply doesn’t appeal to some people. If this is you, the same benefits can be achieved by a daily walk, or some Yoga or bodyweight workouts. The importance lies in acknowledging the importance of physical activity in a time where it can be easily neglected. When that essay seems like it is just not going to get written, going for a run and stretching can help to give you the ideas to make it an A paper. When the numbers from QTM are just too much, 40 minutes of some pushups, pullups, and squats can help to improve blood flow and help the brain work to peak performance. As students, having a balance of mental and physical exercise can be overlooked.

Instead of a task or a chore, make exercise a needed change in your quarantine lifestyle. Facetime a friend and hit the workout with them or take your loved furry-friend for a walk. Get creative and reap the benefits that come from workouts. Now is a perfect time.

Article by Jonathan Liskov

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