Photo Journalism: Different Stages of Boston During COVID-19 and BLM

Article by Stella Chen

1. Boston in lockdown: You would never see downtown Boston so empty on a weekend.

2. Boston in lockdown: In Cambridge, the only pedestrians around are this man and the reflection of the tree.

3. Boston in lockdown: The city may be in lockdown, but that doesn't stop the good weather.

4. Boston Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement: Once in a lifetime ride with a military police armored vehicle next to you at the traffic light.

5. Boston BLM: Can you tell which store on Newbury Street is behind the two military police?

6. Boston BLM: Two military police on duty. The protest was down, and when the night came, they still stuck around.

7. Boston after protests: People were willing to come up and sit in the Boston Commons. Summer is here.

8. Boston after protests: The first day the Prudential reopened. Most of the stores are still closed with few people passing by.

9. Boston after protests: Looking out from Prudential Center.