BaboDash to the Rescue! How One Student Is Making Boost Ordering Quicker

By David Montenegro

With college work becoming overwhelming, the later we stay up to grind on our assignments, we sometimes forget to treat ourselves with a delicious meal from one of the many dining options on campus. But let’s admit it. We have those days in which we’re too busy and too tired to get up from our desks (or beds), get outside, and walk for several minutes just to pick up our food and head back to our dorms. Or we’re hanging out with friends someplace and we don’t feel like going to Reynolds. Should there be an easier way to have our food instantly?

“I wanted to solve that issue,” said Grey Sunderland, a freshman from Bellevue, Washington. “I wanted to allow students the option to have their food picked up for them and to be able to continue studying or doing whatever they're doing.” And so with his entrepreneurial abilities, one month ago on March 2nd, he founded Babson Dash, or BaboDash for short.

His Boost delivery service drew the attention of many of his friends, who say they’re glad to stay in the comfort of their dorm and have someone deliver the food for them. They only need to message the Babo Dash Instagram account with a screenshot of their Boost order, and Grey takes care of the rest. Inspired by other food delivery services like UberEats, Grubhub, and the company that inspired its name, DoorDash, Grey can get Boost orders delivered in less than 10 minutes for just $3.

Grey says he loves his side-hustle, especially getting to know new students along the way.

Initially, it has become a hussle that he would do once in a while, treating his friends with free orders most of the time. But with time, it grew in popularity and gained a loyal customer following who can always depend on Grey to get the job done.

Already, BaboDash is thinking of other innovative concepts to help better the student’s experience at Babson. Recently, they adopted a new mail delivery service, where students can get their mail delivered from Reynolds to their own ‘dorm-steps.’

So dear reader, don’t let your hunger stop your work grind; Let Grey Sunderland keep your order in mind!

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