21 Questions on Life Still at Babson

The Babson Free Press reached out to Sophomore Kaity Goodwin, who is still living at Babson, to find out what life is living on campus after the majority of the college has been shut.

1. How do you get food / eat?

Trim is opened, but very limited hours. They do post the menu so I tend to go when I like what’s being served, but otherwise, I cook for myself in my dorm. Also, shout to Trim for making some solid meals… the other night’s popcorn chicken bowl SLAPPED!

2. Where are you living?

Woodland 9!

3. Who do you regularly see on a daily basis?

I see my friends on campus; we all kind of hang around Reynolds and do work on the bridge. I also facetime a lot of friends.

4. What buildings are closed?

Probably most of them, I haven’t really gone exploring. Reynolds is open, but none of the study rooms are and The Commons and the glass study rooms are open, but not Horn.

5. How many people do you normally see on campus?

Daily, probably around 5-10 Babson students, and like 30 old people walking their dogs, and middle school biker gangs LOL

6. What does your daily routine look like?

Hit snooze 6+ times because all my morning classes are pre-recorded. Make myself breakfast, do some work, go for a walk/relocate, eat, call a friend, watch TV, attempt to learn how to play the guitar, eat, shower, sleep… not necessarily in that order. I don’t really have an order, to be honest.

7. Does living on campus ever feel lonely?

Yeah, sometimes, but not as bad as I thought. Kind of chill

8. Best part of your day?

Being able to do the things I didn’t have time for before - specifically art.

9. Worst part of your day?

Waking up. I pushed the two single beds together in my room and it’s mad comfy.

10. How many people are still on campus?

Around 65.

11. How did you move all of your stuff to your current residence hall?

Several trips in my car.

12. Are you living with anyone else?

Not in my room, but there are 6 other people on my floor.

13. Thing you miss most about regular campus life?

Seeing my friends in person and a vibrant weekend life.

14. Hobby you recently picked up?

Practicing my photoshop skills.

15. Does someone clean your bathroom or do you have to?

Facilities come every Wednesday/Thursday… shouts to facilities!

16. Go-to meal to cook in your kitchen?

I made a quiche the other day and it was 10/10.

17. One item you wish you had but don’t?

The poker table topper I left in the RA office, but I still have the set so I guess we’ll have to settle.

18. What errands do you run?

Food mostly.

19. The most bizarre thing you have seen on campus?

The middle school biker gang, which is just a bunch of boys on their bikes trying to do wheelies or whatever by the globe.

20. One goal you have for quarantine?

Go outside/walk/run/get exercise for an hour every day.

21. One chore you wish you didn’t have to do?

Cleaning in general, specifically the kitchen and dishes.

Article by Kaity Goodwin

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