Meet the FREEP Team

Thy Nguyen Editor In Chief

Hello! My name is Thy Nguyen and I'm part of the class of 2021. I was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and lived there for 12 years, when I moved to Houston, Texas. I'm a dual citizen of Vietnam and the United States. I joined the Babson Free Press because I believe that writing is an excellent way to express thoughts and experiences, and writing is one of my favorite things to do.  Now, I want to further expand my skillset and share writing with the Babson student body. I have seen how wonderful the journalism community at Babson is and I believe that it can be even further promoted and developed.


Hi my name is Lada Alexey Peshkovsky, I am class of 2023 and grew up in Washington Heights, NYC. I deeply admire the way that skilled writers elegantly depict their ideas on paper and bravely allow others to temporarily visit their thoughts. I joined the Free Press because I want to further develop my own writing skills and because I want to be a part of an organization that encourages and provides a platform for the flow of ideas.

Lada Peshkovsky President 


I was born in Guatemala City, where I’ve lived most of my life. When I graduated school, I took a gap year in Switzerland and now I’m an incoming Sophomore at Babson. I joined The Babson Free Press because I’m passionate about communicating ideas through different types of media, and adding a touch of creativity to the business world. Apart from being involved on campus, I enjoy making music, taking photos, people-watching at cafés and travelling.

Nicole Edwards Vice President of Marketing


Stella Chen is a first year from Shenzhen, China, Stella enjoys watching tennis matches, writing stories, and walking her dog, Blake, in her free time. Her favorite aspects of writing for the newspaper are getting the insider's perspective on campus events and interacting with new people for interviews. She was a reporter, editor and photographer at her high school newspaper.


Stella Chen Head of Photography

Sunny Tianyi Head Layout Designer


My name is Tianyi Sun (Sunny) and I am currently a first-year (Class of 2013). I am from Beijing, China. This is my first time being a contributor to The Free Press. Over the past few years, I have expressed my passion for writing through journalism. I think it is important to get the community to express their different perspectives and to provide the community with a platform for them to do so. It is important for a diverse community like Babson to share their opinions and beliefs. In my free time, I enjoy taking and editing videos and playing tennis.

Currently, I am a sophomore at Babson College from Revere, Massachusetts. I joined the Free Press because I believe that students should understand their community and have access to information on the environment of their four-year journey. 

Noor Mezrouh VP of Finance